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Hello My name is Dennis Murray; I am a Yorta Yorta man.  My wife Ann and our children are members of Dingo CARE and here is a little on how we became involved with dingoes, I hope you in reading this will understand how we fell in love with these loving amazing animals, and maybe it will make you more interested in having a dingo or in joining us in our fight to save the dingo before all pure dingoes are gone the way of the Tasmanian Tiger


Ann  and I traveled all over Australia for about 7 years, then the children came along and we tried to take them to see as many places as we could, this meant that they got to see all the animals Australia has to offer, we have had kangaroos try to get into our car on Kangaroo Island, our daughter has had a penguin come out of the ocean walk up next to her as she was sitting on the beach, the penguin then turned to face the ocean and sat down next to her, it was the fattest penguin I have ever seen.

So as you can guess our family loves animals and on one visit to a private zoo we saw a dingo family, Mum Dad and the kids, the kids being 6 pups at 5 weeks old, as we left the zoo the owner asked did we like the zoo, we told him we told him we loved the dingoes, I also told him that Ann always wanted a dingo, the owner then told us we could buy one of the pups if we wanted, Ann gave me that look that all husbands know means, “ I want please” , alarm bells rang in my head as to why would this guy want to sell his dingoes,  so I asked why he wanted to sell them, he told us that he could not breed from them as they were brothers and sisters, so by that night we had our first dingo, a female pure dingo whom got named Kirri.

At the time we were on holidays and staying in an onsite caravan, so when it came time for bed it was my job to take Kirri out to the lawn so she could relieve herself, as soon as I placed her on the ground she was off, I chased and grabbed her, she turned around and latched onto my thumb as hard as she could, I was not letting go as I had this vision of her getting away into the surrounding hills and later on causing havoc and giving dingoes a bad image and it would all be my fault, that was the only time she ever bit me, she and none of our dingoes have ever showed any aggression to any of us.

Now 20 years later we have 7. Our children have grown up with dingoes in their beds we have seen nothing but love from our dingoes, our daughter has her own that lives with her and our son has one that lives with us.

When Kirri came home to our place we had a Dalmatian name Spider he was a big male but he looked after Kirri like she was his own pup, they were never apart until Spider passed away, then we got Warrigal our second dingo as a friend for Kirri.

That was when we first met Julie and heard about Dingo CARE, we had to drive down to Melbourne to meet Julie and her dingoes and we had to sit an interview as Julie and her dingoes checked us out to see if we should be allowed to have another dingo live with us, luckily we passed and now Warrigal has been part of our family for 9 years.

Our children have been lucky enough to grow up with dingoes, hey have had them sleep in their beds and to except them and us into their pack.

They are so full of love (the dingoes and our children) that now we fight to try and help the dingoes before they become extinct as a pure breed in the wild.

Back to Kirri, just after Kirri joined our family we moved to the edge of the outback up out of Griffith, at first we rented an old farm house, there was so much open space around us, such a great place to walk Kirri and Spider our Dalmatian, there was a dog run with walls about 10 feet high, so that was Kirri run.

We got a call from the farmer next door the next day to say that Kirri was out of her run and over at his place harassing his sheep, soon she was back home. I went and checked her run and could see nowhere that she had dug out, I checked all along the bottom of the wall around the gate and there was no sign of digging and with the wall being so high and her only about 6 months there was no way she could jump them, but then  she escaped again, so when she came back and I placed her in the run and I watched her.  The fences of the run where made from wire mesh, as she ran at the wire it gave a little just enough to make a kind of step for her, and as dingoes have wrist and can climb she had no trouble climbing the loose wire wall as it folded under her weight and acted like a ladder for her to climb over the wire. Dingoes are just so smart.  I now have a very secure enclosure to keep my dingoes in.

We moved onto the home where we were helping establish an orchard, we had 5000 hectares to roam around. The kids loved it as they had motor bikes and all that land to investigate.

We knew that if we let Kirri roam around off lead she would only come back when she wanted to, but we had Spider, he was a big dog and after chasing Ann around on her quad bike all over the last orchard he was very fit and always came back when we called him, so we hitched Kirri up to Spider on a lead and let them loose, it worked to perfection.

I found an old dog run that was all heavy wire mesh and all welded with a strong gate, that was Kirri’s night run, of a day she was mostly in the back of Ann’s Toyota ute traveling all over the large farm.

We also had an old blue healer called Shana and a kitten named Mew, all got along well, Mew is still with us and now with 7 dingoes to keep under control she is still going well.

I will be back to tell you more about our dingoes, just keep coming back to read more.