We regularly take our dingoes to meet the public.

Our dingoes will be available for photos and members will be explaining the importance of dingoes.

Our next event will be announced soon.

It will be your chance to come and meet pure dingoes and learn about their importance in the Australian ecosystem.

July is Puppy Time

If you are interested in owning a dingo please read "Owning a dingo" and "Legal requirements" on our site, and contact us.

Dingo Care Network

The primary mission of Dingo CARE Network Inc is to ensure the survival of the dingo (Canis dingo) in the Australian ecosystem. We have already been successful in changing the status of the dingo in Victoria to a species listed as ‘threatened’ under s16 of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

Owning a dingo.

For more information about owning a dingo

Dingo science

Check here for information about current research

Featured Member

Read all about our featured member, and proud Yorta Yorta man, Dennis Murray



Dingo CARE Network is committed to having the dingo protected throughout Australia.

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